The Definitive Guide To Cloud Security

Learn the strategies forward-leaning teams are using to manage cloud security, based on Gartner’s framework

The cloud is transforming business for the better. However, given the seemingly endless supply of headlines on data breaches, it’s not surprising that data security is now a board-level concern for 61% of organizations.

In this ebook, we will dive into the details of the framework developed by Gartner for managing cloud security. Download the ebook to learn:

  • The top 10 questions IT must be able to answer regarding Cloud Visibility, Compliance, Threat Prevention, and Data Security
  • What is a CASB, according to Gartner, and the 6 primary areas of cost savings that a CASB vendor can deliver
  • 7 evaluation criteria to selecting the right CASB vendor

Definitive Guide To Cloud Security